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Poporodne težave z Ubuntu 7.10

Kot sem že omenil imam enak problem z Network Managerjem, kot kar nekaj ljudi. Enostavno vse skupaj “pade dol” in prenosa ni mogoče vzpostaviti drugače kot s ponovnim zagonom. Network Manager se ne odziva. Tole sem našel na google-u, a še nisem uspel probat:

1. rešitev
3.2.7. IPv6 Not Supported

1. IPv6 is supported by default in Ubuntu and can sometimes cause problems.
2. To disable it, open a Terminal (Applications ▸ Accessories ▸ Terminal) and type the command: gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases.
3. Find the line alias net-pf-10 ipv6 and change it to read alias net-pf-10 off.
4. Reboot Ubuntu.

2. rešitev:
Upgrading to Firefox 3.0 seems to have fixed it.
Upgrade using The Synaptic Package Manager.

Bom poizkusil in poročal.

Poizkusil sem prvo rešitev in zaenkrat je še vse vredu in deluje.

Ne deluje več. Mislim, da se je zgodilo takrat, ko je prišel laptop iz stand-by-a.

3. rešitev:

you login under root and then type this into the terminal:
“dpkg –configure -a” (without quotations)

And when i did the upgrade before there was a question about drivers and it gives some options with the default being “N”, i put “Y” and that allowed me to at least get onto the network so i then went into Synaptic and reinstalled HAL

4. rešitev:

Do a “sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases”
from a terminal window.
Add the following line, and comment out the line that is commented out below:
alias net-pf-10 ipv6 off
alias net-pf-10 off
alias ipv6 off
#alias net-pf-10 ipv6

To dvoje sem naredil in sedaj čakam.